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Costa Rica is located in Central America, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is bordered on the north by Nicaragua and by Panama on the south. Though Costa Rica is a small country, it contains a surprising 5% of the world’s biodiversity. To preserve this natural resource, about 25% of Costa Rica’s territory is protected as national parks and other nature reserves. 

Costa Rica’s mild climate, diverse habitat, and abundant wildlife attract visitors from all over the world. Many families and kids are especially interested in our volcanoes, beaches, parks, and marinas as well as the ancient traditions of our indigenous peoples.

Democratic and peaceful, with no standing army since 1949, Costa Rica was declared the happiest country in the world by the New Economics Foundation in 2012. Our top score reflects the overall well-being of our people and our environment. 

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Enjoy a tropical adventure with your kids. Costa Rica -- once you visit, you’ll never go home.

Reasons to travel to Costa Rica

A visit to Costa Rica has something for every member of your family -- hiking, surfing, bird watching, animal tracking, zip lining, or simply good, old sightseeing. And because our country is small and friendly, your next adventure is never far away.

Travel throughout Costa Rica is safe and uncomplicated, and friendly faces greet you at every stop. It’s no surprise that Costa Rica is known around the world for its generous hospitality and exceptional personal service. And, just to makeyour family at home, we’ve taken time to learn your language.

Unlike many other travel destinations, Costa Rica boasts an advanced telecommunications system that will keep you in touch with friends and loved ones back home. And the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) offers a variety of visitor services and manages several certification programs -- including the Certification for Sustainable Tourism and the Blue Flag Program -- that will help you plan your stay.

Finally, Costa Rica’s many fine tour companies -- including Costa Rica Family Adventures -- offer a wide range of exciting activities sure to delight your whole family. A unique Central American adventure awaits -- guaranteed!


Spanish (official), English spoken around Puerto Limon, in the tourism industry, and by many professionals in the Central Valley.

Administrative division

Provinces: Alajuela, Cartago, Guanacaste, Heredia, Limon, Puntarenas, San Jose

About the country

Costa Rica is a small country that only cover 0.03% of the surface of the globe, but it shelters a 5% of the existing biodiversity in the entire world and 25.58% of the country is natural protected territory. It has unlimited tourist potential and is ranked as one of the most visited international family- friendly destinations.

In Costa Rica you can find stunning beaches and national parks. One of the most popular southern Pacific beach is Manuel Antonio where you can find a thick rainforest running right up to the beach. This is also a very popular surfing area among many other exciting water sports like diving, snorkeling, and sailing.

The central valley is home to San José and the vast majority of all those living in Costa Rica. Here you will find beautiful mild weather with clean rains and refreshing breezes. This is also the location of many farms and ranches that contribute to the country's ever growing economy.

The Caribbean coast is home of one of the most important sea turtle nesting. Tours through the national parks are conducted at night in the last months of the year to see the turtles crawling up the beaches to lay their eggs.

In the central northern region of the country, you will find much of Costa Rica's high altitude cloud forests characterized by rich rainforest and low hanging clouds that make this area so fertile and diverse. This is also the home of some of the most active volcanoes in the country, some of which you can actually see the lava bubbling from on a clear night.


There are many different climates and landscapes to be seen in only a few hours, Tropical Rain Forest in the Caribbean, Tropical Dry Forest in the North and Central Pacific Coast, South Pacific Tropical Rain Forest in the South Pacific, Paramo and High Mountain Cloud Forest in the Central Mountain. The country has tropical and subtropical weather; dry season (December to April); rainy season (May to November); cooler in highlands.


The main airport of the country is the Juan Santamaria International Airport, located in Alajuela and is only twenty minutes away from San José.
Other important airports are:

  • The Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport, located in Liberia, Guanacaste.
  • The Tobias Bolaños Airport located in Pavas, San José, for local as well as international flights.
  • There are also landing fields for local flights situated in different parts of the country such as: Limon, Tortuguero, La Fortuna, Tamarindo, Samara, Tambor, Quepos, Palmar North, Golfito, and San Vito.


The whole country is adequately connected by internal infrastructure. The main artery is the Interamerican Highway, which connects the two borders (from PeñasBlancas all the way to Paso Canoas)

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