Nicaragua, Unique and Original!

Nicaragua is the perfect place to enjoy the meeting of two worlds. It has a variety of festivities that have interesting cultural expressions. You can observe the religious fervor and a mixture of indigenous manifestations before and after the conquest! Also the colonial buildings, the petroglyphs and the ruins, inheritance of our ancestors, have an unforgettable history to tell.

Carriage Trip in Granada

What better way to explore the city of Granada than in a horse carriage! Sit back and relax as the horses takes you through the city. The carriages are pulled by one to two horses. There is space for up to four people! You can set your own route or just let the driver decide. Standard travel lasts about 30 or 60 minutes.

During the walk, you will pass through old colonial houses and other important buildings like the Convent San Francisco or the Church of Guadalupe. Granada has narrow streets that are usually one-way. Sitting in the back of a carriage is for sure a more relaxing way to enjoy the city than from a car, and it is less tiring than walking.

The Great Sultana! City of Granada

It was founded in 1524, which makes it the oldest city of the two colonial cities that Nicaragua has. Also, it is one of the first cities in the continental Americas.

Unlike other towns that assert the same thing, the city of Granada was not only the settlement of the conquest, but also a city registered in the official records of the Crown of Aragon and the Kingdom of Castile in Spain.

Granada is also known as La Gran Sultana, for its Moorish appearance, unlike Leon, its sister city and historical rival, which has more Castilian appearances. Granada is the tourist city par excellence of Nicaragua and is the most visited in the country. It has a colonial and neoclassical architecture. It is one of the most visited places in the Americas for its festivals such as Equestrian Festival, its interesting history and colonial architecture.

Nature and history are the main factors that group many attractions of this small but very interesting department of Granada. There is an extinct volcano, vast coasts of Lake Cocibolca or Lake Nicaragua, archipelagos and the oldest city in the country, which preserves its wide colonial historical center.

Volcano Masaya: "The Mouth of Hell"

Volcano Masaya is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Pacific, offering the opportunity to have direct contact with the area of its most active crater and its surroundings, as well as flora and fauna. In addition, during the night, this region offers a spectacle that marvels for its nocturnal visitors; the appreciation of the so-called "incandescent lava lake" seen from the very edge of the crater.

On the road you will reach the Visitor Center, where you will find a permanent exhibition that tells the history, structure and nature of the park, as well as other nearby volcanoes. Nearby is also the picnic area, where there is space to rest, take food or refreshments, and appreciate the panorama.

With the fall of the night, begins the nocturnal visit to the volcano. This visit is also available every day, and does not require a reservation. The tour starts at 5:00 PM and ends around 8:00 PM, depending on the influx of visitors. You just need to approach the main entrance gate. If there are people or groups before you, you will have to wait in line, as they are allowed to enter on a first come, first served basis.

The Masaya Volcano National Park comprises an area of 54km² which includes two volcanoes and five craters. The volcanoes have erupted several times.

Masaya Handicraft Market

The famous Mercado de Masaya is the heart of Nicaraguan handicrafts. In addition to unique Nicaraguan products such as hand-woven hammocks, embroidered blouses, wood carvings, leather goods, ceramics, hemp fabrics and paintings, the market is very diverse. Here you will find the best of Nicaragua's talented craftsmen.

The Craft Market is located within what used to be the Old Market. This market was built in 1891 and was destroyed by fire twice! Now this area is a safe and comfortable place to do your shopping. The market of Masaya is a pleasant and colorful experience.

Boating on Lake Nicaragua

Take a boat trip in one of the most enjoyable activities you can do when you visit Lake Nicaragua. Here, the visitor can observe a great variety of aquatic fauna and flora.

The interior of Lake Nicaragua has more than 400 islands, like the Isletas of Granada and the archipelago of Solentiname. There are two big islands called Zapatera Island and Ometepe Island (the largest volcanic island of the world in a fresh wáter lake). Also this is the only place that houses freshwater sharks and sierra fish. By its extension is the second largest lake in Latin America!!

Undoubtedly when you visit this beautiful country you must take a boat trip on Lake Nicaragua.

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