San Gerardo de Dota: Paradise of the Quetzales

Sitting along the mountains of the Cordillera de Talamanca, the small town of San Gerardo de Dota has plenty of natural beauty and splendor. Travelers come here to hike through unspoiled nature and see some of the region's most prevalent flora and fauna!

This picturesque village is one of the best places to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. One of the most popular reasons that many travelers visit this area is due to bird watching. The cloud forest that surrounds this region is a bird's paradise indeed. About 200 species flock to and from the region, including tangaras, hummingbirds, woodpeckers and the famous and resplendent quetzales!! This region has a large variety of insect species for any amateur or expert entomologists.

Travelers will enjoy the dense cloud forests, mossy oaks, tropical plants and a wide network of trails throughout the región. You will find a variety of beautiful places to take stunning photographs.

Savegre River: A Natural Environment

Savegre is born from two tributaries, the Savegre River and the Upper Division. Both channels are fed by the rivers and rains at Cerro de la Muerte, a series of soaring mountains, in the heart of Costa Rica.

Travelers will have access to a wide range of national parks. In these lush reserves, you may be able to spot some of the most interesting flora and fauna of Costa Rica! Tapirs, jaguars and many species of birds populate the forest that covers the river, while the waters of Savegre itself are also home to many attractive animals. Upstream, trout fishermen have plenty of water to wish, while downstream, tourists may be able to see the Crush, a little known fish related to the piranha.

Canopy Tour through the San Gerardo de Dota Forest

Near Death Hill in San Gerardo de Dota there is a special place where you can venture alone or be escorted for a unique experience. You will be enchanted by this area’s flora and fauna as you traverse through the región.

Our canopy boardwalk was built with two priorities in mind: creating a fun activity that offers a high level of comfort to the participants and a great learning experience! This platform is located along primary and secondary forests. The canopy boardwalks are in the middle of the trees offering 360 degree views, with high safety and quality systems. The canopy equipment is top notch, including both waist and chest harnesses (an innovation in Costa Rica), helmets and gloves. There are people to guide you through this activity!

Walk through the Spiritual Forests of Dota

The forest experience encourages us to enter the montane forest, where the trees begin to grow taller! You can also see a variety of plants as you continue the trek through a forest of charm. The Forest of Robles have very tall trees, which will dazzle any visitor! There are tree branches covered with mosses that give life to many plants!! This place makes you feel one with nature, fills you with peace and at the same time invites you to listen to the forest sounds.

After experiencing the pleasantness of this experience, the trek continues through the lush cloud forest until the tour ends in the San Gerardo Valley.

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