Adventure in Bahía Ballena

Costa Ballena is a virgin beach located on the central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. This area is one of the best places in the country to observe a wide variety of attractions and exotic fauna. You are more likely to see the magnificent creatures between December and March each year, when the animals migrate through the adjacent bay. Dolphins also swim in the ocean near the beach! For travelers in the area it is very common to watch these incredible creatures play and splash on the shore.

Visitors often enjoy horseback riding or a kayak ride here! The beach is one of the best destinations in Costa Rica for people who are learning to surf.

An Oasis of Sea Species: Walks through Bahía Ballena

A favorite spot for humpback whales and various types of dolphins! This park is seasonal for a natural setting where you can see these animals. Inside the park you can visit the Whale Tail and enjoy the beaches.

The Whale Tail is a natural rocky and sandy formation originated by the sedimentation that was dragged by the tides. It can only be visited during the dry tide. The shape of the “tail” can only be seen from high elevations or by flying over.

Three hundred meters down the beach, you will find the main attraction: A Walk in the Cave. Beyond the cave, in a shaded corner, there is a perfect waterfall to cool down in or wash the salt and sand off yourself. Enjoy the beach, swim and observe the wildlife, but do not forget to return before the tide goes up!

In other environments, the most common species are crabs, worms, lobsters, algae, various species of fish, sponges and mollusks such as the cambutes.

Also within the area have been reported two species of reptiles: the green iguana and the cherepo. Within the species of seabirds we find the frigates, the white ibis, the pelicans and the silly brown birds.

Marino Ballena National Park

The park is named after the humpback whales that migrate to the region between August and November and was created with the purpose of ensuring the habitat for reproduction and spawning of many marine species. The Marino Ballena National Park covers 110 hectares of land and 5,375 hectares of sea.

There are approximately 85 endemic species in the waters of this area. The park protects varios environments such as sandy beaches, rocky beaches, cliffs, islands, rocky reefs, organic reefs and the piston of Punta Uvita, a geological formation that draws much attention to researchers and visitors, formed by the deposition of sands.

The National Marine Park Ballena is framed within a region of great scenic beauty, so in addition to the scientific value, it has great value for environmental education and tourism development. Within its waters are usually common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins and at certain times the humpback whale.

However, many people visit this area for breathtaking marine life with species such as humpback whales and parrot turtles. Other species that can be seen are bottlenose dolphins, sharks, starfish, fake killer whales, green iguanas, leatherback turtles and more. Sea turtles nest on the shores of Playa Bahía Ballena, between May and November. Approximately 70 species of fish swim in the waters of the park.

Snorkel in the Waters of Bahía Ballena

Experience an adventure that you will remember forever! Dare to know our different types of tour that we offer in the surroundings of our Marine National Park Ballena and nearby beaches like the Caverns Playa Ventanas.

This area has coral reefs and a great diversity of fish along the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Join us in this snorkeling experience. Immerse yourself and know different species such as parrot fish, butterflyfish, blue surgeon fish, and a large number of starfish, at a depth ranging from 1 to 3 meters.

Visitors looking for a snorkeling tour, during the tour can also observe seabirds and the fantastic views of the South Pacific Coast of Osa. At Marino Ballena Snorkel houses a diversity of species, mysteries of life beneath the surface of the ocean.

If you have not done it, give it a try - you will love the new underwater world! Enjoy this snorkel tour in the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and experience a colorful variety of marine life in Marino Ballena National Park.

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